Iceland·August 19 - 29 2022

Great Norse Run 2022

Ten days of running wild across Iceland!



Halló there! Are you ready to clap your hands above your head, dance wildly under the northern lights, dive into glacial waters, drink cold beverages in hot springs and run wild and free? Yes? We are so glad that you’re here! The land of fire and ice has a magical spirit. A spirit that takes away everything that burdens your everyday. In its place you’ll find yourself laughing inanely, gazing in wonder, feeling emotions that have been lost under the humdrum of life, and feeling the happiest you’ve felt since you were a child. “Danny is a world record holder, author, adventure guru, and powerhouse of positivity. He lives pure, wild and free – you’ll find his child-like enthusiasm rubbing off on you as the adventure progresses and when you look at yourself in the mirror on the way home you might not even recognise the person you’ve become.” -Huffy, one of 40 people to ever run across Iceland. ⬆️That’s me, Danny Bent. I’ll be leading you into the land of Vikings and fermented shark. When you return from this adventure, you’ll be someone who has pitched tents in sandstorms, washed in rivers, collected drinking water from crystal clear streams, run across fairy-tale lands and discovered a part of yourselves once forgotten. Running 206 miles is a feat that is daunting to all but is accessible to everyone. This is NOT a race. Run at your own pace. Walk the whole way if you want – YOU can do this! This is YOUR adventure, your moment.


Danny Bent

Danny Bent

Danny's passion in life is to bring people together to show what's possible through teamwork and positivity. He's pogoed across Togo, cycled to India, run across North America and survived the BBC TV show "Ultimate Hell Week".

Nick Carter

Nick Carter

Nick has climbed Everest and swum the English Channel. His passion is to organise adventures that stretch people beyond their comfort zones and prove what's possible with a bit of grit and determination.







19th August

After you arrive in Reykjavik, you can grab a burger at the Big Lebowski burger bar, then team coach up to Akureyri (expedition start). You could also arrive before the 19th and have a look around. Reykjavik is an amazing place.



20th August

You'll gaze over the northern Icelandic (arctic) waters, then start your official Great Norse Run journey. Spend the night at a local Icelandic horse ranch, just before the start of the interior Desert section.



21st August

Today will be a tough day, rising slowly (then less slowly) to the Desert plateau. The night is spent at a remote desert hut with a natural, geothermal, hot pool.



22nd August

One more dip in the hot pool, then head out towards the tongue of the Hofsjokull glacier, just visible in the distance. Very wild camping.



23rd August

Today is all about fire and ice, running between two huge icecaps—very peaceful, very surreal. Watch out for the active volcano to your left!



24th August

Today we dip out of the desert for a short time to run under the edge of a huge glacier — prepare to see colours again! River crossings will be challenging today, expect to get very wet.



25th August

You'll enter the national park and witness the Game of Thrones scenery at every turn—black mountains that look like frozen water, and impossibly shaped rock formations.



26th & 27th August

A day's rest as you sit in a hot tub with views that make your heart race spanning out around you.



28th August

Just when the national park couldn't get any better, the ground changes into a rainbow. Amazing soil colours and lichen so thick you can use it as a trampoline.


DAY 10

29th August

Just one more (small) icecap to run past, then you'll finish at a peaceful saltwater inlet - the southern seas. The Great Norse Run comes to an official close. Glory and medals await. Bus back to Reykjavik. Flights home the next morning (recommended, due to the party that night).

What's Included

What's Included

Team equipment

Support Vehicles


Food and Drink

Transfers in country

Guide and Support

Entry to Thermal Pools (During the Run)

Personal Insurance

Personal Kit

Travel to / From Reykjavik

Hotels Before / After the Event

Breakfast on the 19th August

Evening meal on the 29th August



We split each day up into 3-4 legs of around 8 miles each. Some people might run a leg and then help the support team set up and get stuff ready. Others may choose to walk a certain leg and arrive when the food and tents are ready for them. Each year we have at least one person who decides to walk the whole thing. We all finish together no matter what, so who cares?

Yes! You only need to put down a 10% deposit initially, then you can pay in any way you like, over a time scale that suits you. Just choose to pay the "deposit only" at check out and we can send you a link to pay the remainder in any way that suits you, up until the final payment date.

Your deposit is fully refundable up until 1st June 2022, so we'll be pretty darn sure before we set off. If things are disrupted after that, you can now buy Covid/disruption insurance. 

Yes! Contact Nick Carter on +447944913245 or

Great Norse Run 2022

Iceland·August 19 - 29 2022·10 nights