Tajikistan·September 4 - 17 2022

The Great Silk Run

An epic team in an untraveled region



Salam! Welcome to an expedition like no other. Starting on the far-flung border of Afghanistan, you'll be running, walking, or jogging about a marathon a day across Tajikistan to the border of Kyrgyzstan, through scenery that will make your heart sing. Leading you through this amazing land will be Danny Bent, world record holder, author, happiness guru, and powerhouse of positivity. This adventure, as with everything Danny does, is as radically inclusive as possible. It’s absolutely not a race; everyone goes at their own pace - 200 miles may seem like a long way, but as a tribe, we really can make it! En route, we'll stay with local people, eat as locals eat, and experience life at the roof of the world. Expect new friendships, stunning views, heart-pumping climbs, and a glimpse into a totally different way of life. Top it off with restful nights looking out at the stars, giant mountains, and winding rivers. This is your time. Your adventure. See you at the roof of the world!


Danny Bent

Danny Bent

Danny's passion in life is to bring people together to show what's possible through teamwork and positivity. He's pogoed across Togo, cycled to India, run across North America and survived the BBC TV show "Ultimate Hell Week".

Nick Carter

Nick Carter

Nick has climbed Everest and swum the English Channel. His passion is to organize adventures that stretch people beyond their comfort zones and prove what's possible with a bit of grit and determination.







Saturday 19th August

You'll need to get yourself to Dushanbe, Tajikistan some time on the 19th of August, where there will be an airport pickup waiting and a hotel room with your name on it. Most flights go via Turkey or Dubai. 



Sunday 20th August

Getting to the Bartang Valley is no small feat. On Sunday we start our two-day bus journey to the valley entrance. En route we pass stunning scenery and have time to stop and explore. We'll stay in a small homestay in the village of Qalai Khumb.



Monday 21st August

Today we'll get to the Tajik-Afgan border town of Rushan and the start of the Bartang Valley. It's nothing but a tiny turning off a tiny road. Just the way we like it.



Tuesday 22nd August

Staying in local village homestays we'll wend our way along the Bartang river. Expect to see no more than one car per day and always locals. Tourists don't go down this way. We're heading for the tiny village of Siponj. Don't bother Googling it. 



Wednesday 23rd August

Off to the equally small village of Basid today, through spectacular canyons and over beautiful passes. Glad it's all being professionally filmed!  Picnic lunch on route. 



Thursday 24th August

Run to Roshorv village, where we will see Lapnazar Peak (5990m), it's the only mountain in Tajikistan that you can see from top to bottom. Check out the Juniper trees and local way of life. Up till now we've been staying in homestays, now we break out the tents.



Friday 25th August

Today we will enter Ghudara valley where the landscape opens out onto wide breathtaking plains. We'll pass an ancient fortress in the village of Savnob and a cave where beautiful girls used to hide from foreign invaders. Watch out for sand storms...and beautiful girls.



Saturday 26th August

Today we will have a rest day and chill out. Explore the village, eat everything in sight, do nothing, or go for a relaxing run (no, not really)



Sunday 27th August

Today we'll journey through Tanimas valley and pass by Kok Jar (no sniggering), one of the most stunning and mind-blowing parts of the trail. This will be one Kok of a day as we gain height steadily.


DAY 10

Monday 28th August

Very wild camping for a night as we leave even the smallest villages behind. We might see Marco Polo sheep herds en route and will pass next to a large meteorite crater. 


DAY 11

Tuesday 29th August

Wild running in the middle of freakin' nowhere leads us to Karakul on the border of Kyrgystan and China. Here we'll leave the Bartang valley behind and join the legendary M41 Pamir Highway.


DAY 12

Wednesday 30th August

A long bus journey back to Dushanbe, stopping for celebratory meals and parties along the way. Fly out of Dushanbe the following day (or whenever you like). You've just run, jogged, or walked across a country, so you can do whatever the hell you want!

What's Included

What's Included

Awesome team

Food, accommodation, transfers

Team equipment (tents, etc)

Remote region permits

Support vehicles

Home stays with local food

Personal kit

Warm sleeping bag


Plane tickets


We split each day up into 3-4 legs of around 8 miles each. Some people might run a leg and then help the support team set up and get stuff ready. Others may choose to walk a certain leg and arrive when the food and tents are ready for them. Each year we have at least one or two people who decide to walk the whole thing. We all finish together no matter what, so who cares?

Yes! You only need to put down a 10% deposit initially, then you can pay in any way you like, over a time scale that suits you. Just choose to pay the "deposit only" at check out and we can send you a link to pay the remainder in any way that suits you, up until the final payment date.

Yes, of course, you'll get them as soon as you're signed up. The kit list doesn't have anything very exotic on it. Warm clothes and a sleeping bag are about as unusual as it gets. We also normally get sponsored kit for the team, so you can expect substantial gift vouchers (e.g. BAM clothing normally puts in £150 per person), so you'll often get fully kitted in great stuff for next to nothing.

Yes! Contact Nick Carter on +447944913245 or

Tajikistan isn't the easiest place to get to, we'll give you that - I guess it's why we want to go so badly! Flights are currently between £750 and £1200 return based on departures form the UK. Some of our team have found cheaper.

The Great Silk Run

Tajikistan·September 4 - 17 2022·13 nights